Suggested Actions

I’d like to request that the Roswell City Council consider:

  • Creating a committee and public comment solicitation to review the UDC prohibition on frontyard gardening
  • Clarifying what constitutes a frontyard garden (i.e. “plot of land”)
  • Adding more specifics to the UDC about what is and is not allowed. Specifics might include: “plot” length and width, number and types of plants, plant heights, setbacks, materials allowed for staking (e.g., cages, string and wood trellises, poles), use of planters, edging, offseason landscaping of barren areas, erosion control.
  • Testing the concept of frontyard gardening using the parameters laid out in the Who’d Qualify? section of this website. The city might issue one or two dozen permits to people who meet the Who’d Qualify? criteria (skipping the workshop step during the testing process).